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Военная историяU.S. Fighters: Army-Air Force 1925 to 1980s

U.S. Fighters: Army-Air Force 1925 to 1980sНазвание: U.S. Fighters: Army-Air Force 1925 to 1980s
Автор: Lloyd S. Jones
Издательство: Aero Publishers
ISBN: 0816892008
Год: 1975
Страниц: 358
Формат: PDF в RAR
Размер: 37.62МБ
Язык: английский
This book has no color pictures and only a page or two of text for each featured airplane. However, it does provide an overview of the performance and interesting facts about EVERY Army-AirForce and Air Force fighter up to the F-18. A few are skipped - there is no P-14, P-18, P-19, P-73, P-74, F-96, or F-13. Every other number, from P-1 to F-111/F-1 to F18 is present with pictures and line drawings. Note - most WWII Navy fighters are NOT included (F-4U, F-4F, F-6F etc.), but most Navy jet fighters ARE included (F-1, F-9F, F-11 etc). It also has on the insides of the front and back covers scale line drawings of all the aircraft in the book.

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