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Военная историяHalifax Second To None

Halifax Second To None
Halifax Second To None
By Victor F. Bingham

Publisher: Airlife Publishing Ltd 1986 196 Pages
ISBN: 0906393663

Some aircraft in wartime are the focus of publicity and propaganda while others soldier on, superb in many roles. The aircraft that is the subject of this book was of the latter type. Her crews were proud of her, glad of her strong construction; built well and well-built, she struck at the German heartland flown by crews handling their first four-engined bomber. Halifax was her name, she was built by Handley Page — and to her crews she was second to none.
From the documents I have read and from correspondence from many people a question arises: Was the Lancaster all that historians say it was, or was the Halifax even better? For, to those of us who flew or worked on the Halifax, it has always been a mystery why historians have ignored its existence for so long. Those of us who have been connected with the Halifax through its design, manufacture, servicing or flying are proud of our connection with the Halifax and her achievements. Wartime propaganda and the media have focused on the Lancaster, and over the past 35 or so years have made it appear to be all things to all men. An out-of-balance picture has been built up; facts and myths have become intermingled.

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