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Военная историяSopwith Baby

Sopwith Baby
Sopwith Baby (Windsock Datafile 060)
By J. M. Bruce

Publisher: Albatros Productions Limited 1996 41 Pages
ISBN: 0948414790

The Sopwith Baby ably served the Royal Naval Air Service for most of 1917-1918 at several air stations around the British coast and aboard almost a dozen seaplane carriers operating in the Mediterranean and North Sea. It was used for bombing, anti-submarine and anti-Zeppelin work and the versatile Baby was generally popular with pilots.
Built by three British sub-contractors the Sopwith Baby was supplied to Canada, Chile, France, Greece, Japan, Norway, Russia and the USA while Ansaldo built around 100 In Italy. By also documenting the earlier Schneider this discourse on the Baby provides invaluable reference for the scale modeller.

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