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Военная историяHawker Typhoon

Hawker Typhoon
Hawker Typhoon (Warpaint Series 5)
By Chris Thomas

Publisher: Warpaint Books Ltd 2000 32 Pages
ISBN: B002G39NI4

It is 1 June 1942. The RAF's latest fighter aircraft is in its third day of operations -small detachments operating from Mansion and Westhanipnett (now Goodwood) airfield and Hying defensive patrols in pairs. Their aim is to counter the Fw 190 and Bf 109 nui­sance raids which had proved too elusive for the RAF's Spitfire Vs. The R/T cracklcs and two of the new interceptors climb to investi­gate a 'Bogey' At 17.000 ft cannon shells thud into both aircraft which tall into the Channel with the loss of one of the pilots.

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