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Военная историяLohner Type M

Lohner Type M
Lohner Type M (Windsock Datafiles 127)
By George Haddow

Publisher: Albatros Productions Limited 2008 35 Pages
ISBN: 1902207971

IN 1913 Ing. Karl Paulal. the chief aeronautical engineer for Jacob Lohner and Co., of Vienna, had completed the design for the Type M, a two-seat flying boat. Paulal had come to wide notice in 1910 with his creation of the swept-wing Lohner-Daimler Pfielfleger (arrow flyer), the success of which set a fashion for pfielfliegers throughout the Teutonic aviation world, in much the same way as did Etrich's design for the Tauben.
Construction of the first Type M was well underway before an order was received from the Navy on 26 November 1913 for one prototype, powered by a 85-hp Hiero four cylinder in-line engine. Much thought was given to the design of the hull which with its long, pointed bow had fine sea-going characteristics, much better than the punt-shaped bows of previous designs. The crank-case and bearers of the centrally-mounted engine were neatly cowled and its pusher propeller fitted with a spinner which conformed to the lines of the nacelle: cooling was provided by a box-shaped radiator mounted beneath the unit. The wings were of two bays and swept back in the pfielform that had be­come almost standard on Lohner aircraft of the time.
The new machine was delivered to the Naval Station at Tola on 7 February 1914 and allocated KuK Kriegsmarine number El 7. Ing. Paulal was at Pola on 14 February to attend the official acceptance of El 7 by the Kriegsmarine.

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