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Военная историяFelixstowe F.2A

Felixstowe F.2A
Felixstowe F.2A (Windsock Datafile 82)
By J. M. Bruce

Publisher: Albatros Productions Limited 2000 40 Pages
ISBN: 1902207246

For our first DATAFILE to record a flying boat, the Felixstowe F.2A was a natural choice. An important WWI type, it was a top class aeroplane capable of lengthy patrols, strongly constructed and well armed, yet considerably agile despite its size and weight. Felixstowe boats and their crews, operating from North Sea coastal stations such as Felixstowe, Great Yarmouth and Killingholme, performed excellent ser­vice against German U-Boats, seaplanes and Zeppelins opposing them in the latter half of The Great War. For modellers, flying boats offer their own particular challenges and the F.2A is no exception: the highly colourful liveries many carried into battle (in contrast to the conservative finishes of most contemporary British warplanes) make them doubly attractive.
Jack Bruce's 38th DATAFILE, with its many photos, extra pages of scale drawings and detailed colour notes, offers unrivalled refer­ence material for anyone contemplating recreating Felixstowe boats in miniature.

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