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Военная историяCrusader Cruiser Tank Mk. VI

Crusader Cruiser Tank Mk. VI
Crusader Cruiser Tank Mk. VI (Armour Photo Gallery 6)
By Wojciech J. Gawrych

Publisher: Progres Publishing House 2003 88 Pages
ISBN: 8391648354

The idea of a 'fast tank', based on the Christie suspension, came to the British only in the mid-1930s. The various trials of experimental mechanized forces of the 1920s and early 1930s had led info the development of three distinct types of lank - the 'infantry tank' to support infantry in the attack (slow, lhighlly armed, but heavily armored), the cruiser tank' (faster, more lightly armored, fitted with a gun suitable for taking on enemy tanks), and the 'light tank' (last but hightly armed and armored, for reconatssance).

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