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Военная историяFleet Carriers (U.S. Navy Camouflage 2 of WW2 Era)

Fleet Carriers (U.S. Navy Camouflage 2 of WW2 Era)
Fleet Carriers (U.S. Navy Camouflage 2 of WW2 Era)
By Larry Sowinski & Tom Walkowiak

Publisher: The Floating Drydock 1995 67 Pages
ISBN: 0944055052

This is our second volume on "U S Navy Camouflage of the WW2 era" The first book dealt with camouflage instructions in general While we will constantly refer to this first book as Camouflage I, or Volume I. keep in mind that there is no "1" designation printed anywhere on, or in, that book to identify it as Camouflage I.
The majority of U.S. Navy camouflage schemes, Known as measures, were fairly simple—except for the patterns During WW2. USN pattern camouflage included two major types Splotch patterns were in heavy use from 1941 thru 1942 Dazzle patterns were earned by nearly every Pacific fleet warship, beginning early in 1944, until well into 1945 The splotch pat­terns were casually designed 'on the spot" Practically all of the hundreds of dazzle designs were prepared well in advance They were sent to yards and tenders to enable specific designs to be applied to specific ships.
We've exposed only "the tip of the dazzle iceberg" m Chap­ter 5 of Camouflage I (however, it does include a complete breakdown of terminology). This new volume is an extension of Chapter 5 Even then, it covers only fleet and light fleet earners (CV & CVL)
Each official USN pattern drawipg has been matched to pictures of those carriers which actually carried that design When possible, we've noted colors or patterns which deviated from the master drawing Some of these observations are based on photo interpretation only Thus, there is a possibility for error, especially if we had to rely on a "one of a kind" picture

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