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Военная историяPANZER VOR!: German Armor at War 1939-1945

PANZER VOR!: German Armor at War 1939-1945
PANZER VOR!: German Armor at War 1939-1945 (Armor 7053)
By Frank V. De Sisto

Publisher: Concord Publications 2006 74 Pages
ISBN: 9623610904

This superb new volume on German armored vehicles is written for the modeler by a modeler. As it is published with the modeler in mind, it helpfully concentrates on the identification of vehicle models and variants, unit organization, tactical markings and camouflage. The whole gamut of German armored vehicles is reflected in this book, from armored cars through to the mighty Panzers themselves. Likewise, the photos date from early war through to late war, and so offer an interesting variety of vehicle types and settings. Photos are black and white and have been selected to display the details of greatest interest to modelers. The book is suitably supported by a series of color plates by the artist Laurent Lecocq, which gives an accurate indication of what the actual colors of German armor really were. The comprehensive range of vehicles on show include the Panzer I, II, II, and IV, plus the heavier Panther, Tiger I and Tiger II. Add to this happy mix, some StuGs, Jagdpanzers, and various armored cars, and the overall coverage is pretty complete. One of the strengths of this volume is the quality of captioning, and the careful research that has gone into each one. All the captions are full of detail and offer useful insights into vehicles, markings and units. Even the seasoned veteran reader of German panzer books will surely learn something new here. For modelers looking for photographic details of specific vehicle types, for incisive background information, or simply for inspiration for their next diorama, they're sure to find some pearls contained between the covers of 'Panzer Vor!'

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