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Военная историяArms and Uniforms: The Second World War (3)

Arms and Uniforms: The Second World War (3)
Arms and Uniforms: The Second World War (3)
By L. Funcken, F. Funcken

Publisher: Littlehampton Book Services Ltd 1984 156 Pages
ISBN: 0706363426

Tanks and self-propelled guns played a funda­mentally important role from the earliest months of the Second World War, as has been outlined in volume 2. But alongside these there was a great army of vehicles which were, perhaps, less spectacular, but which were vital to mobilise the armed forces.
At the outbreak of hostilities Germany intro­duced an impressive array of troop carriers in which the tracked vehicle held an important place. This rumbling armada swept all over Europe, seeing action all the way; but, bit by bit, it was eaten away by wear and tear and by the increasingly heavy blows inflicted by the enemy, and it was eventually to be swamped by the formidable industrial power of the Allies.
To illustrate even one-tenth of the utility vehicles which were put into service by the major fighting powers would have taken up the whole of a book of this kind. We have therefore deli­berately limited their representation in this volume to a few- machines, but examples of other interesting types will feature in the fourth and final volume, particularly in the chapters on Russia, America and Japan.

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