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Военная историяEarly MiG Fighters in action

Early MiG Fighters in action
Early MiG Fighters in action (Aircraft 204)
By Hans-Heiri Stapfer

Publisher: Squadron Signal 2006 52 Pages
ISBN: 0897475070

The most prominent manufacturer of lighter aircraft in the fornier Soviet Union is arguably the MiG (for Mikoyan + Gurevich) Design Bureau. The star of Artyom I. Mikoyan ami Mikhail 1. Gurevich began lo rise during the Korean War, when the swept-wing MiG-15 (NATO code name 'Fagot') was a very* unwelcome surprise to United Nations pilots fighting over the Korean peninsula. From then until the demise of the Soviet Union in 1991. the MiG Design Bureau had a near monopoly on the supply of tactical fighters to the VT5 (Voenno-Vozdushne Sili — Soviet Army Air Forces) and countries in Moscow's sphere of influence.
While post-World War II MiG fighters such as the MiG-15. MiG-21 'Fishbed.' and MiG-25 'Poxbat' have featured prominently in the headlines of the world press, it is not generally known that the MiG Design Bureau built a number of formidable fighters during the "Great Patriotic War" (as World War II was known in the Soviet Union). However, these superb fighters were not allowed to develop beyond the prototype stage in order not to interrupt the production lines of Yakovlev and Livochkin.
On 8 December 1939 an OPO (Opyinyi Otdel — Experimental Design Department) was established, with Artyom 1. Mikoyan as its head. Artyom Kanovtch Mikoyan (1905-1970) was the younger brother of Anasiasy I. Mikoyan. the Commissar for Commerce, who had studied American foods and introduced, in addition lo other products, a whole range of ice creams to the Soviet Union.

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