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Военная историяGrumman JF Duck

Grumman JF Duck
Grumman JF Duck (Mini in Action 7)
By Tim Hosek

Publisher: Squadron/Signal Publications Inc. 1996 52 Pages
ISBN: 0897473663

The Grumman JF/J2F Duck was the first amphibian aircraft from the still very young Grumman Aircraft Engineering Company. The aircraft was the design of Leroy Grumman and Bill Schwendler and was a direct descendent of the Loening amphibians of the 1920s.
In the 1920s, Loening Aeronautical Engineering Corporation amphibian aircraft designs held great sway with the rich and elite, earning them the appellation "air yachts." Likewise, these amphibians, pro­cured by the Army Air Corps as the OA series and by the U.S. Navy as the OL series, defined the role of utility aircraft. These amphibians, during ten years of service, opened up new areas for aircraft in military operations. During the late 1920s, despite constant upgrades and improvements the U.S. Navy had begun looking for a replacement for their Loenings.

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