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Военная историяUSAF Aggressor Squadrons

USAF Aggressor Squadrons
USAF Aggressor Squadrons (Colors and Markings 11)
By Bert Kinzey, Ray Leader

Publisher: Squadron/Signal Pub 1988 64 Pages
ISBN: 0830685359

"The best training device in the Air Force." That is the way the U.S. Air Force's aggressor squadrons have been described by the pilots that fly against them in realistic air-to-air combat. An important lesson learned in the skies over Vietnam was that our fighter pilots were lack­ing in dogfighting skills that were important to survival when it came to combat with the supposedly less capable MiGs. It was thought that American fighters, armed with sophisticated missiles that were guided to their targets by infrared seekers or radar, would engage targets at such a long range that air combat maneuvering would become a thing of the past. It was this same reasoning that had resulted in the F-4 Phantom being designed and initially built without any internal gun armament. Fighters were not going to get close enough to each other to fight with guns anymore.

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