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Военная историяSukhoi Su-27

Sukhoi Su-27
Sukhoi Su-27 (Walk Around 5547)
By Hans-Heiri Stapfer

Publisher: Squadron/Signal Publications 2007 80 Pages
ISBN: 0897475186

One of the most beautiful children of the Cold War, the Sukhoi Su-27 (NAT() reporting name "Hanker") was the Soviet answer to the American I - -13 I.agle. The first prototype, the T-IOS, made its maiden flight on 20 April 1981, and the first production aircraft were delivered in summer 1982. After a number of factory anil state acceptance trials, the first 20 Su-27 Flankcr-Bs were delivered on 22 June 1985 to the IstrcbitcPnyi Aviapolk (IAP/Fighter Aviation Regiments) of the frontal fighter units of the Yoenno-Yozdushnvc Sily (YYS/Sovict Air Force) and the Protivo-Yozdushnaya Oborona (PVO/National Air Defense Forces). All single-seat Su-27 Flankcr-Bs, about 500, were built at State Aircraft Factory 126 "Yuri Gagarin" at Komsomolsk-on-Amur.
The 1 lanker-B was armed with a GSh-301 30 mm cannon and could earn' six R-27 (AA-10 "Alamo") and four R-73 (AA-11 "Archer") air-to-air missiles.
The first Su-27UB Flankcr-C trainer prototype made its maiden flight on 7 March 1985. The first production Su-27UB flew in September 1986. The Su-27UB trainer has a raised rear instructor's cockpit for better visibility and the same weapons stations and fuel capacity as the single-seat Su-27 Flanker-B. All production Su-2~UBs were built at State Aircraft Factorv 39 at Irkutsk. The company became the Irkutsk Aircraft Production Organization (IAPO) after the collapse of the Soviet Union.
The Su-27K (Su-33) is a version of the Flanker made to launch from aircraft carriers. The "K" stands for KoralxTny (shipboard). The first prototype, T-10 K-l, made its maiden flight on P August 1987 with Yiktor Pugachev at the controls. Pugachev also performed the first landing on a Soviet aircraft carrier. The second prototype, T-10 K-2, touched down on the flight deck of the Tbilisi on 1 November 1989. The first serial production Su-27K left the State Aircraft Factory 126 "Yuri Gagarin" in 1992. By then, the Su-2~K had been redesignated the Su-33. Through 1994,24 Su-33s were built. They were ail deployed to the Northern Fleet and were assigned to the Soviet I nioti lleet Admiral Kjiyiefsoi as the Tbilisi had Ix-cn rcchnsieiied after the breakup of the Soviet Union. The first long-range cruise of the Kityietsov started on 23 December 1995 and ended on 25 March 1996. Most of the cruise took place in the Mediterranean and was shadowed by ships ol the Sixth Meet of the U.S. Navy.

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