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Военная историяU. S. Aircraft and Armament of Operation Desert Storm

U. S. Aircraft and Armament of Operation Desert Storm
U. S. Aircraft and Armament of Operation Desert Storm (Detail and Scale 40)
By Bert Kinzey

Publisher: McGraw Hill Text 1997 72 Pages
ISBN: 0890241538

This volume in the Detail & Scale Series is being written in response to a very large number of requests. 1853106348
We have received numerous phone calls and letters asking for a book in thisseries on the U.S. aircraft and armament of Operation Desert Storm. During a visit to Washington, D.C.. and a trip to the International Plastic Modelers Society's national conventions in St. Louis and Seattle, the author was approached time and time again about doing such a book. Almost everyone who contacted Detail & Scale made two very important points. First, they are far from pleased with most of the publications on Desert Storm that have been released so far. This is because many of these publications were rushed into print to make a quick profit off of the war. As a result, the accuracy and scope of those books often suffered considerably. Some had photographs and information from only one source, and there was often an obvious lack of original research. Military photographers who took the photographs were not technical experts, and the captions that they supplied with their photos often contained errors. In attempts to beat another publisher's book to the market, these obvious errors were often left uncorrected.

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