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Военная историяHMMWV: Workhorse of the US Army

HMMWV: Workhorse of the US Army
HMMWV: Workhorse of the US Army (Mini colour series 7510)
By Carl Schule

Publisher: Concord Publications 2002 58 Pages
ISBN: 9623616767

In March of 1983 the US Army Tank, Automotive & Armaments Command signed a US $1.2 billion contract with the AM General Division of LTV Aerospace, which today is the AM General Corporation. The mission was to produce 55.000 M998 Series High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles, in short HMMWV. These were to be delivered in five basic variants and 15 different configurations over a five-year period. Of the 55.000 vehicles produced, the US Air Force received approximately 1.100. while 11.000 went to the USMC and the remainder to the US Army. This contract, and the introduction into service in 1985 of the first of more than 150,000 HMMWVs. marked the beginning of its popularity, which is topped only by that of the legendary Jeep.

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