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Военная историяC-47 Skytran in Action

C-47 Skytran  in Action
C-47 Skytran in Action (Aircraft 149)
By Larry Davis

Publisher: Squadron/Signal Publications Inc. 1995 60 Pages
ISBN: 0897473290

Il has been known by a great many names, most of which were derogatory — but lovingly so. Dizzy Three. Dakota, Skytrain. Gooney Bird, Spooky, these are but a few of the many terms used to designate one of the world's most famous aircraft, the Douglas Commercial Transport. Technically it was designated DC-1. DC-2. or DC-3 as a civilian airliner type. But in the military it had no less than twenty-eight major variants. Thai's just counting the U.S. military types, without counting the many special types like gunships and electronic monitor­ing aircraft- The Douglas Commercial transport design, first brought forth during the early 1930s, has seen service with virtually every major nation on the planet, either as a civilian air­liner or military transport. Although referred to in many terms, both in praise and derogative-ly. the Douglas DC-3/C-47 design is universally accepted as the plane that changed the world!

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