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Военная историяFriendly Fruits and Vegetables

Friendly Fruits and Vegetables
Название: Friendly Fruits and Vegetables
Издательство: General Staff. Australia
Страниц: 73
Формат: PDF
Размер: 15 Мб
Качество: Хорошее
Язык: английский
Для сайта: eKnigi.org

Useful Plants of New Guinea and Adjacent Islands

The purpose of this pamphlet is to provide the individual soldier with sufficient information on jungle plants so that he will be able to "live on the country" in the jungle without any impairment to his combat efficiency. Every soldier must have confidence in his ability to live and fight in the jungle for a considerable period — even when "cut off" from his supply line or base.
It is not expected that every soldier will know all the "tricks of the trade" so that he will be able to identify and prepare all of the edible plants in the same manner as experienced natives. The identification and preparation of doubtful plants is not included in the scope of this pamphlet since this would require too lengthy a study.
Most of the plants described in this pamphlet are native to Australia as well as to the islands to the north. Actual experience in the jungle will be necessary to facilitate the ready identification of these plants. Such instruction should be conducted in the rear training areas.



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