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Военная историяSeptember Storm.The German Invasion of Poland

September Storm.The German Invasion of Poland
September Storm.The German Invasion of Poland
By Gordon Rottman

Publisher: Concord Publications 2003 54 Pages
ISBN: 9623610807

The German Blitzkrieg doctrine called for multiple deep penetrations by Panzer and other mobile forces to thrust into the enemy rear areas to destroy combat forces in their path, artillery positions, headquarters, and rear service organizations. Flanks were frequently ignored with emphasis on striking deep and disrupting the enemy's defensive plan, command and control, and lines of communications. Frontline enemy forces would be splinted and often separated into pockets cutoff from retreat or reinforcement to be dealt with by follow-on infantry forces. Other infantry forces would hold by-passed enemy frontline forces in-place with limited attacks. Artillery would support the mobile forces and reconnaissance units would spread out ahead of the mobile forces to seek weakly defended routes or gaps in the line. Pioneers (combat engineers) would follow closely on the heeds of the attack force to breech obstacles and bridge rivers replacing destroyed bridges. Luftwaffe dive-bombers would support the advance serving as an extension to the artillery while fighters destroyed enemy aircraft in the air and on the ground. Medium bombers attacked deeper targets, industrial sites, railroad lines and marshalling yards, troop concentrations, and reserves moving to the front. Another factor that greatly enhanced the ability to accomplish Blitzkrieg tactics was the extensive use of radio communications in a well-developed network.

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