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Военная историяTanks

TanksНазвание: Tanks
Автор: Charles Messenger
Издательство: Gallery Books
Год издания: 1984
Страниц: 69
Язык: Английский
Формат: DjVu
Размер: 60,01 Mb
Скан: carrey

1. Master Weapon of War
2. Eyes and Ears of the Army
3. Carrying the Infantry
4. Modem Artillery
5. Specialized Armor
Introduction: It was just under seventy years ago, after the outbreak of World War I, that the tank made its first appearance on the battlefield. It did so in an effort to break the deadlock of trench warfare in France, which had been brought about by the advent of the machine gun, the magazine rifle and the quick-firing artillery gun. It did not immediately succeed in doing this, for the first tanks were too primitive in design. However, the seeds were sown, and by November 1918, when World War I ended, the potential of the tank had been realized.


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