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Военная историяPomilio PD / PE

Pomilio PD / PE
Pomilio PD / PE (Windsock Datafile 117)
By Gregory Alegi

Publisher: Albatros Productions Limited 2006 40 Pages
ISBN: 1902207831

Just as they had initially favoured Farman-inspired twin-boom pusher aircraft, by late-1916 aeroplane manufacturers in the Turin area turned to fuselage types largely inspired by German designs. This change had likely originated in the Direzione Tecnica dell'Aviazione Militare (Technical Directorate of Military Aviation, DTAM), where the leading Italian aircraft designers cut their teeth. Unlike Umberto Savoja and Rodolfo Verduzio, who de­veloped their aircraft within DTAM but entrusted them to private industry for production, at this point Ottorino Pomilio (1887-1957) decided to form his own company.
Pomilio, who came from a family of entrepreneurs and engineers, was duly released from the Army and the Societa anonirna per costruzioni aeronautiche Ing. O. Pomilio & C. was officially incorporated on 19 January 1916. Pomilio immediately turned to the double task of building a new factory and designing a new type. Perfected with the assistance of Ing. Corradino D'Ascanio (1891-1991), who would achieve worldwide fame three de­cades later as the creator of the Piaggio Vespa scooters, the Pomilio C.l ('PC') two-seat fighter biplane flew in September 1916.'" By June 1917 PC orders stood at 670 aircraft, including 40 trainers and 150 licenced to Bauchiero/-' but only about 70 were completed before the company introduced the type D, an evolved model destined for much greater success.

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