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Военная историяMIG-15: Design, Development, and Korean War Combat History

MIG-15: Design, Development, and Korean War Combat History
Название: MIG-15: Design, Development, and Korean War Combat History
Авторы: Yefim Gordon, Vladimir Rigmant
Издательство: Motorbooks International
Серия: Warbird History
Год: 1993
ISBN: 0879387939
Страниц: 147
Язык: English
Формат: PDF
Размер: 76,6 MB
Скан Adeda

In the years following World War II, many nations made use of captured German technology, and given the pressures of the incipient Cold War, Soviet engineers often had very little time to produce an "answer to the West". As a result, the MiG-15's designers made use of German technologies and a British powerplant, which served to accelerate the fighter's development. The MiG-15 had a long service career and was built in huge numbers both within and outside the Soviet Union. The main factors in the MiG-15's success were a turbojet rated at over 2,000 kg (4,409 lb) of thrust, a new configuration with swept wings and empennage, and new pilot survival aids including an ejection seat. These, together with heavy armament and ease of manufacture and operation, made the MiG-15 a superb fighter jet. In fact, it paved the way for Soviet fighter design for the next decade. WarbirdTech Volume 40.


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