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Военная историяFlugzeug Foto-Archiv Band 1

Flugzeug Foto-Archiv Band 1
Flugzeug Foto-Archiv Band 1
By Heinz Birkholz

Publisher: Flugzeug 1988 93 Pages

Following the termination of the "modell magazin" Fo-to Archiv series, of which nine volumes appeared, and the fresh start with FLUGZEUG, I have often been asked whether this popular series could be recontinued. My answer has always been the same, "It will be continued!"
The first volume of the new series is duly presented herewith. It contains exactly 176 historic aircraft photos ranging from World War I to Bundeswehr machines of the mid-sixties nearly all of which are already out of ser­vice and thus veterans in their own right.
In this volume you will also find a considerable num­ber of photographs which I originally presented in the one and only issue of PM-Foto-Revue in 1974. Due to the fact that the publishing company folded shortly after pub­lication, the appearance of this 64-page magazine was almost completely "in camera". Now the readers who then made their valuable contributions available for pub­lication have a chance to see the gems from their collec­tions enlarged and in print.
The great majority of the photos remain hitherto unpu­blished and should provide a new untapped source of in­formation for collector and archive alike as well as offer­ing the modeller new impetus in terms of new camoufla­ge schemes and conversion work.
With the commencement of this series another step has been taken towards preserving irreplaceable photo­graphs documenting the historical and technical deve­lopment of aviation for future generations. In the hope that this first volume in its new form will meet with your approval, may I also thank all those readers who have contributed to it.

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