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Военная историяGerman Fighter Units: June 1917-18

German Fighter Units: June 1917-18
German Fighter Units: June 1917-18 (Aircam Airwar 17)
By Alex Imrie

Publisher: Os Publishing 1978 48 Pages
ISBN: 0850452899

During the early part of 1917 most Jagdstaffeln were operating at half of their planned strengths due to problems in the supply of aircraft and pilots. Kogenluft, realizing that the supply situation would prevent the formation of a larger number of Jagdstaffeln, issued an order to increase the established strengths of the existing fighter units, as and when personnel and material became available.1 It was also intended to considerably increase the size of the Jagdstaffelschule at Valenciennes. An increase in strength to fifty aeroplanes was planned, and to meet this requirement all D Category aircraft with their associated spare parts held by any Armee Flug Park were to be released to the Jastaschule. Additionally, all Albatros D m machines returned to Germany for major repair were not to be retained there for school use, as was the general rule for all other types due to the shortage of aircraft in Germany, but were to be returned to the front.

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