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Военная историяOmar Bradley (Osprey Command 25)

Omar Bradley (Osprey Command 25)
Автор: Steven J. Zaloga
Название: Omar Bradley
Издательство: Osprey Publishing
Серия: Osprey Command 25
ISBN: 1849086605
Год: 2012
Формат: PDF (e-book)
Страниц: 66
Размер: 5 Mb
Язык: English
Спасибо: kapitankarl

General Omar Bradley was the premier US Army tactical commander in the European Theatre of Operations in 1944–45. A West Point classmate of Dwight Eisenhower, Bradley was the quintessential US field commander of World War II, elevated to high command with little combat experience but a solid track record as a skilled planner and organiser. Bradley was part of a small cadre of highly skilled young officers groomed for higher command in the austere and bankrupt 1930s. Bradley was at the centre of nearly all the major US Army victories in 1944–45 from D-Day through the final push into Germany. Along with that combat record came a string of controversies.

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