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Военная историяKorea 1950

Korea 1950Название: Korea 1950
Автор: John Miller, Jr., Owen J. Curroll, Margaret E. Tackley
Издательство: Center of Military History United States Army
Год: 1997
Страниц: 298
Формат: PDF
Размер: 88.7МБ
Язык: английский
The fiftieth anniversary of the Korean War gives both the Army and the nation an opportunity to honor those veterans who served in that conflict, one whose results are still very much on the minds of American soldiers today. This work, first completed when that struggle was unresolved is an overview of the extremely difficult first six months of the Korean War. Through its text, photographs, maps, and other graphics, it provides a new generation of soldiers with a sense of what that conflict was all about and of the heroism and sacrifice that were needed to turn a series of initial setbacks into victory. I am thus pleased to release this new printing of a classic photographic collection. Since the source of every photograph is noted at the back of this book, it is the Center of Military History’s hope that various commands and offices throughout the Army will find this work useful also as a catalog of available photographs as they develop their own projects commemorating the anniversary of the war. Finally, I am mindful of the fact that as we honor those who served in the Korean conflict, we are also recognizing by extension those soldiers who continue to serve in Korea today, doing their own part in preserving freedom in a significant part of the world.
John W. Mountcastle, Brigadier General, USA Chief of Military History.

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