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Военная историяThe merchant seaman in war

The merchant seaman in war
Название: The merchant seaman in war
Автор: L. Cope Cornford
Издательство: London. Hodder and Stoughton
Страниц: 327
Формат: PDF
Размер: 21 Мб
Качество: Хорошее
Год: 1918
Язык: английский
Для сайта: eKnigi.org

WE are passing through a crisis in the History of our Nation during which every individual is called upon to take some part. On every side there are evidences of devotion to duty, and much that is heroic and splendid is brought into prominence every day. In a conflict of so vast a scale, however, countless acts of gallantry must inevitably pass unrecorded and unknown; and unless I misjudge my fellow-countrymen, I believe their authors would not have it otherwise. Yet the part in this war which has been played by the officers and men of the British Mercantile Marine is such that some record is imperative. They have founded a new and a glorious tradition in the teeth of new and undreamed-of peril, and have borne the full brunt of the enemy's illegal submarine warfare. It is not only in their honour that I feel this book should go before the public, but also as a lesson to succeeding generations who will follow their paths in freedom on the seas...


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