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Военная историяMemoria Descrittive Mitragliatrice Schwarzlose 7-12. Da Fanteria

Memoria Descrittive Mitragliatrice Schwarzlose 7-12. Da Fanteria
Название: Memoria Descrittive Mitragliatrice Schwarzlose 7-12. Da Fanteria
Издательство: Ministero Della Guerra
Страниц: 28
Формат: PDF
Размер: 7 Мб
Качество: Хорошее
Год: 1932
Язык: итальянский
Для сайта: eKnigi.org

The Schwarzlose machine gun was developed by Andreas Schwarzlose starting in 1902, as an attempt to produce a machine gun simpler and less expensive than the guns then on the market. Schwarzlose achieved this end by using a delayed blowback action, very unusual in machine gun designs. By using a heavy bolt and a lever-delaying system, the design was able to avoid the necessity of a gas or recoil system and its attendant extra components.
The Schwarzlose uses a toggle lock that looks at a glance similar to a Maxim or Luger lock, except that this toggle does not act to lock the bolt. Instead, the toggle must be broken and folded before the bolt can travel rearward, thus delaying it for a moment. This delay is long enough to allow chamber pressure to drop to a safe level (assuming everything is done right). This does require use of ammunition with a specific pressure curve, as overpressure ammunition will cause the bolt to open early and rupture cases while underpowered ammunition will simply fail to fully cycle the action. The system was designed with a heavy recoil spring and a relatively short barrel (20.75 inches, meaning that the bullet would take less time to exit the barrel and pressure to drop). This meant that the gun had significant muzzle flash (hence the large flash suppressor) and also required an oil pump to lubricate cartridges to prevent extraction problems. The pump oil tank held a half liter of oil, which was good for abou


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