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Военная историяYour navy as a fighting machine

Your navy as a fighting machine
Автор:Fred T. Jane
Название: Your navy as a fighting machine
Издательство: London, Palmer
Год: 1914
Формат: JPG
Размер: 12.9 mb

This little book is an attempt to produce an entirely non-technical handbook for the use of those who, till European war came along, did not interest themselves innaval matters. Till now a vast number of people have taken the Navy for granted. It has existed to them much as St. Paul's Cathedral exists. To the great majority there has been no occasion to trouble about anything, save perhaps one or two of the more picturesque features of the Fleet. Now, however, after a hundred years of peace the British Navy is engaged in naval warfare and the entire situation is changed accordingly.
It is true that during this past century the Navy has been engaged in various operations. In the Crimean War, for in¬stance, two considerable fleets were em¬ployed. Both before and since our ships have bombarded forts and places, like Algiers and Alexandria, but in all the hundred years there has been no war between British fleets and the fleets of a foreign Power. And so it comes about that all eyes are now upon the Navy, which
somewhere on the seas started facing the unknown directly Austria sent her ultimatum to Servia.
So soon as that incident occurred every¬thing which has happened since became a vivid possibility. From that moment the Fleet had to be on watch and guard lest Germany should fall on us unawares. That she intended to attempt it was perfectly well-known—it had been known for years to all in authority.
The British Navy for which the public has paid is now undergoing the supreme test.

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