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Военная историяCapronitol a Gripenig

Capronitol a GripenigАвтор: Dr. Kovacs Vilmos
Название: Capronitol a Gripenig
Издательство: Szaktudas Kiado Haz
ISBN: 9639736600
Год: 2008
Формат: PDF
Страниц: 115
Размер: 78
Язык: Hungarian/English

The Hungarian Air Force celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2008. This book reviews the history of Hungarian military aviation, which was full of great successes and sad failures over the past 70 years, from one specific point of view. This book focuses solely on military technology and the authors did not concern themselves with personnel-related issues, the organization of the Air Force, or with any other issues that are equally closely related to the operation of the Air Force. This book preserves the memories of Hungarian military aviation with a vast display of photographs of all major types of aircraft that were operated by the Hungarian Air Force.

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