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Военная историяA Bridge Too Far (Flames of War)

A Bridge Too Far (Flames of War)
Название: A Bridge Too Far
Автор: Michael Haught
Издательство: Battlefront Miniatures
Серия: Flames of War
ISBN: 978 0986451423
Год издания: 2009
Язык: English
Количество страниц: 84
Формат: PDF
Размер: 62,7 MB

Having been a wargamer now for over 25 years the table top game Flames of War has taken me by surprise and outclasses all other games in the field. Of course it helps that I am also an armchair general with great interest in military history. The better you know the history the more fun the game is and the better you know the game the more sense military history becomes. For newcomers this book is not a complete game in itself, the game is played with minatures and you will need the core rulebook Flames of War - but if minature wargaming is your thing - then this is the best game I have played.


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