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Военная историяThe Battle of Anzio

The Battle of Anzio

Название: The Battle of Anzio
Издательство: Ereads
Автор: T. R. Fehrenbach
Год: 2000
Количество страниц: 144
Формат: PDF
Размер: 10
Язык: English

The Battle of Anzio was among of the most bloody of the World War II conflicts. T.R. Fehrenbach's accurate account stunningly depicts the reality of the Allied forces' fight for survival on an Italian beach as they stormed what Winston Churchill called the soft underbelly of the Axispowers. In one of the turning points of the war, the allies clung to a narrow strip of sand while German planes swooped in from above and artillery shells and mortar fire pounded them on the ground. This is a true and dramatic account of the battle from the perspective of a soldier and military historian, told with pride, compassion and spirit. T.R. Fehrenbach's account of war needs no embellishing and brings you into the thick of the action.

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