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Военная историяFloating Drydock's Plan Book: USS Missouri BB 63

Floating Drydock's Plan Book: USS Missouri BB 63
Floating Drydock's Plan Book: USS Missouri BB 63
By Thomas Walkowiak

Publisher: Floating Drydock 1994 303 Pages
ISBN: 0944055079

It’s about time!!, Both you and I say this. This PLAN BOOK was started in 1988 and finally published in 1994. The paper copy of the book was republished over the years until stocks ran out in 2005. With much demand for the book I decided to republish again as an eBook. This eBook follows the same basic format and layout as the “printed” book. The scope of this book makes the overall project very time consuming. After 20 years of gathering information and documents on this and other Naval warships it was time to do this subject.
Special thanks to Mr. Robert F. Sumrall for the loan of photographs of the hull area, and to Mr. Chuck Haberline of the Navy Departments Photographs Center with help in obtaining the surrender photographs. Also, Mr. Al Zygier, who did some of the early drawings for this book.
All of this I hope, will make this eBook one of the most detailed books of its kind on the USS MISSOURI BB63. If you are building a model, I hope that you will send me photographs of your project.

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