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Военная историяInch'on 1950: The last great amphibious assault

Inch'on 1950: The last great amphibious assaultАвтор: L. Rottman
Название:Inch'on 1950: The last great amphibious assault
Издательство:Osprey Publishing
Год: 2006
Кол-во страниц: 101
Формат: Pdf
Размер: 43,2 MB
Язык: Английский

Inch'on was probably the most significant campaign in the Korean theater, as well as being the last major amphibious assault of division-size conducted in the history of warfare. The odds were stacked against the US troops, with virtually no time for training and many of the divisions unprepared for the conflict. The success of the Inch'on campaign is a testament to the sheer initiative of the officers and NCOs conducted it. This book details the strategy and tactics that led to the operation's success, as well as narrating the experience of the battle in fascinating detail.

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