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Военная историяThe Wars of Edward III: Sources and Interpretations (Warfare in History)

The Wars of Edward III: Sources and Interpretations (Warfare in History)
Название: The Wars of Edward III: Sources and Interpretations (Warfare in History)
Автор: Clifford J. Rogers
Издательство: Boydell Press
ISBN: 0851156460
Дата: 2000-02-10
Страниц: 412
Язык: English (английский)
Формат: EPUB
Размер: 1.5 MB

When Edward III came to the throne of England in 1327, England's military reputation had reached a low ebb. The young king's first campaign against the Scots was a complete failure, and the next year the `shameful peace' set the seal on Robert Bruce's victory in the First Scottish War of Independence. Twenty-two years later, however, King Jean II of France and King David II of Scotland were both prisoners in London, an English army was camped outside Paris, and Edward was widely considered the most skilful warrior in the world. Clifford Rogers uses contemporary documents (campaign bulletins, administrative documents, and excerpts from 29 different chronicles) to tell the story of the battles, sieges, and chevauchees that produced this remarkable reversal - and the subsequent restoration of French fortunes under Du Guesclin and Charles V. The majority of the texts employed have never before been translated into modern English (and a number have never been published before in any language). Complementing these primary source materials are eight classic articles covering the Scottish Wars, the outbreak of the Hundred Years War, the recruitment, organisation and supply of English armies, English strategy and war aims, and the war's impact on French society and on the development of Parliament in England. Together, they provide a complete introduction to the topic.

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