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Военная историяAerobatic Teams 1950-1971: vol. 2

Aerobatic Teams 1950-1971: vol. 2
Aerobatic Teams 1950-1971: vol. 2 (Aircam Aviation Special 12)
By Richard Ward

Publisher: Osprey 1972 50 Pages
ISBN: 085045090X

This, the second volume of AEROBATIC TEAMS, covering the period 1950-1971, fills many of the gaps of Volume One and adds much new material both in colour and black and white, though there are still many teams of the fifties and later years not covered. A third volume of Aerobatic Teams 1950-1971 is now in course of preparation and will fill in all the gaps left by the previous two volumes, illustrating in colour and black and white such teams as the PATROUILLE
SUISSE, ROK Aerobatic Team, squadron teams of the RAF, FAA, RCAF, SAAF and RAAF, the new blue scheme of the PATROUILLE DE FRANCE, Brazilian and Argentine Air Force Teams and lesser known teams of the USAF and US Navy together with two-man teams such as THE SLIVERS of the Belgian Air Force. One colour page of Volume Three will illustrate the insignia of all Teams and individual aircraft illustrated in the three volumes.

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