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Военная историяAEG C.IV

AEG C.IV (Windsock Datafile 67)
By Peter M. Grosz

Publisher: Albatros Productions Limited 1998 35 Pages
ISBN: 1902207009

Ihe radical, for the time, near all-metal construction of the AEG CIV made it a robust and reliable reconnaissance and bombing platform which was used effectively both over the Western Front and in the far warmer climes of the Middle East. Indeed the metal structure was perfect for withstanding extremes of temperature although one unforeseen drawback rendered many machines quickly unserviceable as author Peter Grosz reveals in the following narrative.
A number of experimental developments were initiated and 300 were ordered from Fokker, no stranger to metal airframe con­struction. Hitherto the AEG C.IV has been poorly served in print and this unique book with its rare archive photos, (including many close-ups), scale plans and colour notes offers modellers unmatched documentation for what would prove to be an intriguing pro­ject.

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