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Военная историяAvro Shackleton

Avro Shackleton
Avro Shackleton (Crowood Aviation)
By Barry Jones

Publisher: The Crowood Press Ltd 2002 200 Pages
ISBN: 1861264496

The Avro Shackleton was the final extension of a design idea that had been at the heart of Britain's most succssful wartime heavy bomber, the Lancaster. The Shackleton owed much of its design to the Lancaster and its relatives but it was designed not for bombing but for maritime reconnaissance. Barry Jones' history of this aircraft looks at the entire history of the Shackleton, and its service with the RAF and foreign air forces, tracing its lineage back to Avro designs of World War II, and the history of maritime reconnaissance aircraft and Coastal Command even further. This book should be welcomed by all fans of the aircraft and of maritime aviation in general.

About the Author
Barry Jones left the RAF to become an artist for the Inter Services Aircraft Recognition Journal followed by five years with Flight magazine and six years in the Technical Publication Dept at Vickers Armstrong. He is a regular contributor to Aeroplane Monthly. Avro Shackleton is his fifth title for Crowood.

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