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Военная историяJG 7 Nowotny

JG 7 Nowotny
JG 7 Nowotny (Air Miniatures 3)
By Marek J. Murawski

Publisher: Kagero 2002 88 Pages
ISBN: 8389088010

On March 18th of 1945, at 11:40, combat debut of new weapon, small caliber R4M projectiles, took place. 6 planes from 9th squad­ron each armed with 24 rocket projectiles ap­proached American bombers flying over Rathe-now. Behind the controls were: Obit. Wegmann, Lt. Schnorrer, Obit. Seeler, Ofhr. Windisch, Fhr. Ehrig and Ofhr. Ullrich.
Messerschmitts approached the bombers as close as 400 meters, and fired the rockets. Their effect was dramatic. One of the pilots remem­bered breaking apart fuselages, broken wings, broken away engines, aluminum plates, and oth­er elements flying in the air looking as somebody had just emptied an ashtray.
In few seconds, six B-17 bombers were de­stroyed. Obit. Wegmann, Lt. Schnorrer, Obit. Seel­er, Ofhr. Windisch, Fhr. Ehrig and Ofhr. Ullrich were each credited with one kill.
Obit. Giinther Wegmann was already in the air for some time, and his fuel reserve, as well as in other planes of the squadron, was low. Although, Messerschmitts had more ammunition as they didn't use their cannons and pilots decided to at­tack one more time. Wegmann targeted B-17 and

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