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Военная историяThe United States and Latin America in the 1980s

The United States and Latin America in the 1980s
The United States and Latin America in the 1980s
By Kevin J. Middlebrook, Carlos Rico

Publisher: University of Pittsburgh Press 1986 664 Pages
ISBN: 0822960877

This work provides an up-to-date view of Latin America politically, economically, and internationally in terms of its relations with the United States, and where it is likely to find itself in the short term. The strength of the book, which is divided into four sections covering such timely subjects as debt, human rights, security, trade, and migration, lies with the breadth of views presented, the quality of the scholarship, and the imaginative and sometimes highly critical commentaries. A valuable source for the pros and cons of the most contentious interpretations currently in vogue among academic and government experts. Recommended for most libraries. Roderic A. Camp, Latin American Studies Dept., Central Coll., Pella, Ia.

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