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Военная историяRattler one-seven. A Vietnam helicopter pilots war story.

Rattler one-seven. A Vietnam helicopter pilots war story.
Название:Rattler one-seven. A Vietnam helicopter pilots war story.
Автор:Chuk Gross
Издательство:University of North Texas press
Язык: English
Формат: Pdf
Размер: 1.8Mb

I slowly lowered the collective (pitch control) as we began our descent
into Landing Zone Delta. All hell was breaking loose. The Firebird
gunships were laying down cover as they screamed along side us. Their
miniguns were puffing smoke, singing their loud, but familiar sound.
Their rockets were yelling out loud, screaming sounds as they flew
past. I told my crew, “Go hot.” My crew chief and gunner unlocked
their weapons and opened fire. The noise was deafening. Our heli-
copter felt as if it was coming alive from the shuddering and shaking
from her guns. Tracers were flying in all directions. Fear and terror
saturated the air

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