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Военная историяOsprey Raid 9 - Rescuing Mussolini – Gran Sasso 1943

Osprey Raid 9 - Rescuing Mussolini – Gran Sasso 1943

Osprey Raid 9 - Rescuing Mussolini – Gran Sasso 1943
Author: Robert Forczyk
Illustrated by: Howard Gerrard
Osprey Publishing
April 2010
ISBN-10: 1846034620
Страниц: 64 Pages
Формаи: PDF
Размер: 5.69 MB

The successful rescue of imprisoned Italian dictator Benito Mussolini from atop the Gran Sasso plateau was one of the most dramatic special forces operations in military history. Arrested by his own officers in July 1943, Mussolini had been whisked away to an isolated and heavily guarded mountaintop resort, the Hotel Campo Imperatore which could only be reached by a heavily guarded cable car station. The Germans, led by SS Haupsturmführer Otto Skorzeny, launched a daring Glider-borne assault, which surprised the Italian guards and secured Mussolini without a shot being fired. However, when the original escape plan had to be scrapped, the Germans organize a desperate, last minute airborne extraction to escape before the Italians could launch a counter attack.




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