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Военная историяKeeping Israel Safe: Serving the Israel Defense Forces

Keeping Israel Safe: Serving the Israel Defense Forces
Название: Keeping Israel Safe: Serving the Israel Defense Forces
Автор: Barbara Sofer
Издательство: Kar-Ben Publishing
Страниц: 60
Формат: PDF в RAR
Размер: 54 Мб
Качество: Хорошее
Год: 2008
Язык: English
ISBN: 0822572214
Для сайта: eKnigi.org

A slight story about four young friends who have received their call-up notices for the Israel Defense Force frames a detailed nonfiction discussion of the army's history and functions. The text clearly explains the IDF's structure, mentions some past missions, and describes the military experience. The writing is somewhat dry and lacking in historical context, and the fictional sections seem a bit contrived. Hebrew military terms are not consistently translated. However, the book is unique in its unwaveringly positive portrayal of the Israeli military. Large, clear photographs show IDF members in action and at rest, with many noncombat images included. This title is a welcome addition to library shelves to balance out the many negative portrayals of Israel that are published for youth.


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