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Военная историяThe Last Epic Naval Battle: Voices from Leyte Gulf

The Last Epic Naval Battle: Voices from Leyte GulfThe Last Epic Naval Battle: Voices from Leyte Gulf
Автор: David Sears
Издательство: Praeger
Год издания: 2005
Язык: английский
Страниц: 264
Формат: PDF
Размер: 14 Mb

Often overshadowed by other Pacific War engagements such as Midway or Guadalcanal, the Battle of Leyte Gulf was characterized by some of the most gallant hours in seagoing history: the U.S. Navy's defeat of the combined Japanese fleet during the invasion of the Philippines in October 1944. Involving more ships than even the gargantuan First World War Battle of Jutland and two hundred thousand men, it was the biggest naval battle in world history. It marked the last time that huge capital ships fought within sight and sound of each other. Using the personal accounts of the men who were there, Sears tells this mammoth and compelling story.

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