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Военная историяF-106 Delta Dart

F-106 Delta Dart
F-106 Delta Dart (Colour & Markings 1)
By Bert Kinzey

Publisher: Aero Pub.Inc. 1984 64 Pages
ISBN: 0816845255, 0853686566

Since this is the first volume of the Colors & Mark­ings Series, it seems appropriate to include here an introduction to the series as well as the F-106 Delta Dart which this book covers. On the inside front cover is an explanation of our purpose in this series, which is to provide a reasonably priced, continuing series covering the paint schemes and markings that ad­orned important aircraft in aviation history.
Each book in this series will be a little different in format as dictated by the aircraft being covered. In this book, the F-106 is presented unit by unit. Every unit to fly the Delta Dart is included in the chrono­logical order in which those units received the air­craft. Units that were redesignations of earlier units are covered immediately after the squadron that was redesignated. All ADWC aircraft are covered to­gether. Active Air Force units are covered first, fol­lowed by the Air National Guard units that have flown the "Six". NASA aircraft are also included. The sixteen-page color section is separate from the rest of the book, and covers most of the units with color coverage. Some of the photographs, both color and black and white, are rare and are as much as twenty-three years old. While some of the older photographs show their age, they are included because of their historical significance. While we could have filled these pages with recent and beautiful photographs, it seemed more important to include the older photo­graphs which show markings that were carried by the F-106 in its early years, but have long since been re­placed with newer ones.

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