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Военная историяHitler's Teutonic Knights - SS Panzers In Action

Hitler's Teutonic Knights - SS Panzers In Action
Название: Hitler's Teutonic Knights - SS Panzers In Action
Автор: Bruce Quarrie
Издательство: Patrick Stephens
ISBN: 0850597641
Год издания: 1986
Язык: English
Количество страниц: 206
Формат: PDF
Размер: 63,1 mb

This is an excellent introduction overall to the Panzer Divisions of the Waffen-SS. The writing throughout is superb: The text is clear, precise, and objective. The book includes separate chapters on each of the major Panzer Divisions of the Waffen-SS: The 2nd (Das Reich); the 3rd (Totenkopf); the 5th (Wiking); the 9th (Hohenstaufen); the 10th (Frundsberg); and the 12th (Hitlerjugend). The strength of this book is in its illustrations - there are over 200 superb photographs, illustrating the soldiers and their tanks, both behind the lines and in action. These provide excellent source and reference material for military modelers; which is probably the readership who will find this book of most interest.


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