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Военная историяMig-23/27 Flogger : Soviet Swing-Wing Fighter/Strike Aircrart (Aerofax)

Mig-23/27 Flogger : Soviet Swing-Wing Fighter/Strike Aircrart (Aerofax)
Название: Mig-23/27 Flogger : Soviet Swing-Wing Fighter/Strike Aircrart
Автор: Yefim Gordon and Keith Dexter
Издательство: Midland Publishing
Серия: Aerofax
ISBN: 1-85780-211-X
Год издания: 2005
Язык: English
Количество страниц: 178
Формат: JPG-RAR
Размер: 112,7 mb

This Aerofax title is a detailed history of the development and operation of the Soviet interceptor, the MiG-23/27, code named Flogger in the west.

In the era of the Cold War, the military planners on both sides of the Iron Curtain were well aware of the threat to their security from both bombers that could carry nuclear weapons and spyplanes. Thus it was deemed essential to have fast fighter aircraft which could intercept and destroy such incoming threats. The MiG-23 was developed to succeed the MiG-21 as the standard Soviet interceptor. It was a major advance on the earlier aircraft. Its swing-wing configuration was a generation on from its predecessor. Deliveries began in 1972 and more than 3,000 aircraft were built before production ended in 1986. As was the case with many Soviet types, the MiG-23 was widely exported to satellite or friendly countries. The MiG-23 saw service with air forces in the Middle East, the Far East, Cuba, and Eastern Europe, and a licensed version was built in India. This book also covers the history and operation of the MiG-27, a development of the MiG-23. This was a tactical strike aircraft with a completely redesigned forward fuselage that was produced in significant quantities from the late 1970s onwards. Both of these important types are thoroughly covered in this book, with a detailed narrative and many photographs. This volume completes the Aerofax series coverage of the MiG design bureau s major modern types.


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