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Военная историяNakajima Ki.27A-B Manshu Ki.79 A-B In Japanese Army Air Force

Nakajima Ki.27A-B Manshu Ki.79 A-B In Japanese Army Air Force
Nakajima Ki.27A-B Manshu Ki.79 A-B In Japanese Army Air Force (Aircam Aviation 18)
By Richard Martin Bueschel

Publisher: Osprey Publishing 1970 52 Pages
ISBN: 0850450209

Flying high in a new but already combat-weary Curtiss P-40E over Japanese-occupied Luzon in the Philippine Islands on December 13th 1941, less than a week after all-out war had come to the Pacific, Squadron Com­mander Lieutenant Boyd D. Wagner of the 17th Pursuit Squadron of the United States Army Air Corps raced over the former American airfield at Aparri at the northern tip of the island. His mission was to find out what his squadron back at Clark Field was facing in terms of Japanese air strength in the Philippines. The sight below made "Buzz" Wagner sick, and mad. Only the day before, elements of the 50th Fighter Air Combat Regiment of the 5th Air Army of the Japanese Army Air Force had started to establish themselves at Aparri, and now "Buzz" was right in the middle of the Japanese move to set up the headquarters of the 50th Regiment and units of the 16th Light Bomber Regiment at the base. There on the field, arrogantly lining themselves up along the airstrip as they flew in unmolested from the southern end of Formosa, were scores of small Japanese fighters. The Japanese plan for the invasion of the Philippines was running ahead of schedule, and now the "A Detachment" of the IAAF was occupying Aparri.

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