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Военная историяLeyte: The Return to the Philippines

Leyte: The Return to the PhilippinesНазвание: Leyte: The Return to the Philippines
Автор: M. Hamlin Cannon
Издательство: Center of Military History United States Army
Год: 1993
Страниц: 442
Формат: PDF в RAR
Размер: 17.4МБ
Язык: английский
United States Army in World War II.
With the Leyte Campaign the War in the Pacific entered a decisive stage. The period of limited offensives, bypassing, and island hopping was virtually over. American troops in greater numbers than ever before assembled in the Pacific Theater, supported by naval and air forces of corresponding size, fought and overcame Japanese forces of greater magnitude than any previously met. Though the spotlight is on the front-line fighting, the reader will find in this volume a faithful description of all arms and services performing their missions. The account is not exclusively an infantry story. It covers as well the support of ground fighting on Leyte by large-scale naval operations and by land-based air power under the most adverse conditions. In addition, careful attention to logistical matters, such as the movement of supplies and the evacuation of the wounded, gives the reader a picture of the less spectacular activities of an army in battle.

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