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ТехникаThe Control Handbook

The Control Handbook
Название: The Control Handbook
Автор: William S. Levine
Издательство: Jaico Publishing House
Год: 2005
ISBN: 8172247850
Страниц: 1540
Язык: English
Формат: PDF
Размер: 95 Mb

This is the biggest, most comprehensive, and most prestigious compilation of articles on control systems imaginable. Every aspect of control is expertly covered, from the mathematical foundations to applications in robot and manipulator control. Never before has such a massive amount of authoritative, detailed, accurate, and well-organized information been available in a single volume. Absolutely everyone working in any aspect of systems and controls must have this book!
…there is a need for good books that explain the questions and results of control theory in a way that mathematicians can understand while doing justice to the engineering side and giving many examples of real application. The Control Handbook is an ambitious and spectacularly successful effort to respond to this need. It is a most welcome addition to the literature in the field.
- Hector J. Sussmann, Rutgers University
…clearly sets a standard by bringing together a reference which will equally well serve the scholar, the practitioner, and the student in one volume.
-IEEE Control Systems, December 1998
The Control Handbook is the AAP winner of best engineering handbook of 1996
IEEI Transactions on Automatic Control, Vol. 45, No. 8

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